$6000 awarded to BTC students for the fall semester

Posted on October 6, 2022

     We are excited to announce 21 students enrolled in classes at Bolivar Technical College (BTC) received a combined $6000 in scholarship funds to apply toward their fall 2022 semester!

     “For many students, scholarship money is the only way they can go to school,” Wendy McGowin, BTC Financial Aid Representative said. “With today’s financial climate, our staff is making it more of a priority to find scholarships, grants and other financial aid resources for our students to alleviate that stress.”  For each of the scholarships received, the funds do not have to be repaid.

     BTC offers a scholarship available to students who are Citizens Memorial Healthcare (CMH) employees. 5 BTC Professional Nursing (RN) students received $250 each for the CMH Employee Institutional Scholarship: Angela Bridges of Stockton, works as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) at CMH; Rebecca Rodriguez of Bolivar, works as a Medical Assistant (MA) at the Heart Institute; Kaitlynn Burris of Flemington, works as a CNA at Parkview Healthcare facility; Stormy Van Holt of Walnut Grove, works at CMH hospital and Hailee Kell of Humansville, works as a lab tech at Bolivar Family Care.

     The BTC Education Foundation also awarded 19 BTC students $250 each to apply toward their fall semester. Professional Nursing (RN) students include: Lakyn Akins of Bolivar, Lacy Ballinger of Bolivar, Angela Bridges of Stockton, Madisyn Klossing Carter of Republic, Aimee Clemmons of Hermitage, Devan Coulter of Clever, Britney Frye of Ozark, Hailee Kell of Humansville, Kenneth Kell of Humansville, Jesse Lovelace of Stockton, Elizabeth Molnar of Springfield, Brenda Morrison of Republic, Alexx Roofener of Ulrich, Leah Standon of Clinton, Stormy Van Holt of Walnut Grove, Claire Williams of Pleasant Hope and Cheyenne Wright of Monett. General education students include Wesley Severns of Bolivar and Ashley Leonard of El Dorado Springs.

Top row (Pictured left to right): Lacy Ballinger, Jesse Lovelace, Kenneth Kell. Middle row: Aimee Clemmons, Stormy VanHolt, Brenda Morrison. Bottom row: Hailee Kell, Ashley Leonard

Not pictured:  Lakyn Akins, Angela Bridges, Madisyn Klossing Carter, Devan Coulter, Britney Frye, Elizabeth Molnar, Alexx Roofener, Leah Standon, Wesley Severns, Claire Williams, Cheyenne Wright.
Congratulations to all scholarship recipients! Make sure to stop by our Financial aid office as soon as possible to learn about scholarships available in the Spring!