Bolivar Technical College Celebrates Class of 2023 at Graduation Ceremony

Posted on May 22, 2023

Front row from left to right:   Jordan Geer, Spencer Gibbs, Elizabeth Molnar, Rhonda Eddings, Nancy White, Brianna Becker, Madisyn Carter, Kathleen Kirby, Lakyn Akins, Brytney Woodward, Halee Tucker, Laci Collins, and Courtney Copeland. 

Back row from left to right:  Ashley Thompson, Gayle Krause, Jennifer Seager, Christian Seager, Ashley Stone, Hannah Link, Kristina Hayden, Jessica Cathey, Shawnee DeBoeuf, Miranda Nelson, Macie Craft, Amanda Doty, Julie Brown, Cheyanne DeBoeuf, Kylin Sallee, Danica Young, and Jennifer Foster.   

     Bolivar Technical College held a memorable graduation ceremony to honor the remarkable achievements of the Professional Nursing (RN) Class of 2023. The event took place on May 6th, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the lives of these dedicated individuals who have successfully completed their rigorous academic journey. 

     The graduation ceremony served as a platform to recognize the perseverance, hard work, and commitment exhibited by the graduating class. Friends, family, faculty, and esteemed guests gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion at The Heights Church, where the graduates were applauded for their accomplishments. 

     The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome, followed by an invocation delivered by graduate Halee Tucker and a benediction by graduate Courtney Copeland, both of whom offered their heartfelt prayers for the success and future endeavors of their classmates. Student Speaker Christian Seager’s speech left a lasting impression, motivating his fellow graduates to embrace their passions and make a positive impact in the nursing profession. Guest Speaker Bailee Bailey’s words of wisdom emphasized the significance of compassion, dedication, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in the field of nursing. 

     Among the exceptional graduates, one student graduated with the honor of Cum Laude. Jennifer Foster achieved an impressive CGPA of 3.55, exemplifying her commitment to academic excellence throughout her time at Bolivar Technical College.   

     The Professional Nursing (RN) Class of 2023 comprised a diverse group of talented individuals, each with unique backgrounds and aspirations. The graduates, hailing from various towns including Bolivar, Aurora, Springfield, Buffalo, El Dorado Springs, Jerico Springs, Lebanon, Ozark, Billings, Marshfield, Osceola, Strafford, and Urbana, showcased their determination and commitment to the nursing profession and their communities. 

     Join us in honoring the graduates of the Professional Nursing (RN) Class of 2023: Lakyn Akins of Bolivar, Brianna Becker of Bolivar, Julie Brown of Bolivar, Madisyn Carter of Aurora, Jessica Cathey of Springfield, Laci Collins of Springfield, Courtney Copeland of Buffalo, Macie Craft of Bolivar, Cheyanne DeBoeuf of Springfield, Shawnee DeBoeuf of Springfield, Amanda Doty of Billings, Rhonda Eddings of Ozark, Jennifer Foster of Bolivar, Jordan Geer of El Dorado Springs, Spencer Gibbs of El Dorado Springs, Kristina Hayden of Bolivar, Kathleen Kirby of Jerico Springs, Gayle Krause of Lebanon, Hannah Link of Ozark, Elizabeth Molnar of Springfield, Miranda Nelson of Springfield, Kylin Sallee of Bolivar, Jennifer Seager of Ozark, Christian Seager of Ozark, Ashley Stone of Springfield, Ashley Thompson of El Dorado Springs, Halee Tucker of Marshfield, Nancy White of Osceola, Brytney Woodward of Strafford, Danica Young of Urbana. 

     The graduates’ collective accomplishments and dedication to the nursing profession exemplify the values and standards upheld by Bolivar Technical College. As they embark on their future endeavors, these talented individuals will undoubtedly make a significant impact in healthcare and continue to inspire others to follow their dreams. 

     We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Professional Nursing (RN) Class of 2023! We take immense pride in their achievements and wishes them success, fulfillment, and countless opportunities in their nursing careers. 

     As the Professional Nursing (RN) Class of 2023 celebrates their achievements, our staff invites aspiring nurses to embark on their own educational journey. The college is currently accepting applications for a range of exciting opportunities, including the Professional Nursing (RN) program (2 years), LPN to RN Bridge (1 year), Paramedic to RN Bridge (1 year), Practical Nursing (LPN) program (1 year), online RN to BSN Completion program (1 year), and general education classes. To seize this opportunity and pursue a rewarding nursing career, interested individuals can connect with the college through phone (417-777-5062), email (, or text message (417-771-3543). Discover your path to success at Bolivar Technical College today!