Bolivar Technical College Kicks Off Fall Semester with a Roaring Start

Posted on September 7, 2023

    As the sun set on a hot and sunny August evening, anticipation filled the air at Bolivar Technical College (BTC). Students, both new and returning, eagerly awaited the commencement of the fall semester, which officially began on August 28th. However, the excitement didn’t just start with the first day of classes; it was ignited the week prior during the college’s well-organized orientation program.

    New Student Orientation, held on August 22nd and 24th from 8 AM to 4 PM, was the first taste of college life for many students while setting the stage for a successful semester ahead. The morning session of orientation was dedicated to introducing students to the intricacies of BTC’s systems, from the online portals to library resources. Navigating these platforms is crucial for a smooth academic journey, and students appreciated the thorough guidance provided.

    In the afternoon session, the focus shifted to learning styles and academic expectations. With a mix of new students and fresh faces from general education courses and the Registered Nursing (RN) cohort, the atmosphere was one of curiosity and excitement. Students engaged in interactive discussions, discovered their individual learning styles which will help them take notes and study best for their personal preference, and grasped an understanding of the academic standards that we hold so dear.

    Orientation at BTC isn’t just about information; it’s also about making the new students feel at home. Morning tours of the campus allowed everyone to get acquainted with the facilities, classrooms, and key locations. It’s not unusual for students to be a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the school year, but the guided tours went a long way in alleviating any concerns and making students feel comfortable in their new environment.

    As the orientation week came to a close, our campus was buzzing with excitement, and everyone was ready to dive into the fall semester. One of the most memorable moments of the first week of classes on campus was the appearance of “Percy the Peacock” on Monday morning. Dressed in a vibrant peacock costume, Percy’s presence injected a sense of fun and excitement into the campus. He warmly greeted both new and returning students, setting a positive tone for the entire week. Students eagerly took photos with Percy, a symbol of our welcoming and inclusive community. 

    This week saw a diverse group of students returning to campus, each with their own goals and ambitions. General Education students joined the mix, bringing their unique perspectives and aspirations. The Practical Nursing (PN) returning group is entering their final semester, poised to embark on their careers as Licensed Practical Nurses. During their first week of classes, they participated in Skills Bootcamp where they worked on IV insertion and site management, IV pump programming, nasogastric tubes, and foley catheter insertion and removals. They also completed an injection themed escape room to give learning a fun and refreshing approach. The BTC nursing student had to choose correct needle size, anatomical location for the injection, proper syringe for the medication, when to not give an injection and medication math. For each answer, they would collect a letter which would spell a word when put together at the end. PN and RN students wrapped up the first week of the fall semester with a Test Taking Strategies Seminar as the faculty put more focus on preparing their students for nursing school success.

    The new RN cohort students, a fresh group of future nurses, were excited to start their journey in the world of healthcare with an introduction to their nursing courses and the Skills & Simulation Center at BTC. Meanwhile, the 2nd-year RNs returned for their 3rd of four semesters, building upon their knowledge and experience gained over the past year with a Skills Bootcamp of their own. The RN Bridge students joined this RN cohort, having completed the summer intro semester. They are now fully integrated into the program, ready to advance their nursing careers. It’s a pivotal time for these students as they inch closer to becoming Registered Nurses. 

    As our fall semester unfolds, we are excited to continue fostering a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. With a successful orientation week that made newcomers feel at home, and a diverse student body ready to embark on their academic journeys, the future looks bright at BTC! Stay tuned for more updates on BTC’s inspiring journey through the fall semester!