BTC RN ’23 Achieve 100% Pass Rate on the Nation’s Licensure Exam for RNs

Posted on July 24, 2023

     Bolivar Technical College (BTC) has proudly announced an extraordinary accomplishment—100% of our Registered Nurse (RN) graduates from the May 2023 cohort have successfully passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This achievement becomes even more remarkable when considering that this year’s NCLEX featured a new test format, known as the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). The NGN brought significant changes to the exam, making BTC’s perfect pass rate a testament to the hard work and dedication of both the nursing students and the faculty.  

     To gain insights into the NGN and its impact on the pass rate, Haleigh Gray, Marketing Manager at BTC, spoke with Bailee Bailey, 2023 RN Program Coordinator and Erin Mock, Director of Nursing Education. Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Mock shed light on the key differences between the NGN and the previous iterations of the NCLEX.

     Under the NGN, the exam format has shifted to case study-based questions. Each case study presents a patient scenario and is accompanied by six interconnected questions. The questions build upon each other, requiring students to carefully consider the information provided before selecting the correct response. Students must choose the right answer at each stage to progress effectively through the case study. 

     Mrs. Bailey emphasized that incorrect answers can lead students astray, diverting their focus from the correct disease process and potentially resulting in multiple consecutive incorrect responses. The NGN demands a deep understanding of the disease process and the ability to apply that knowledge effectively in the context of patient care. 

     To prepare students for the NGN, this year, BTC implemented a new eight-week NCLEX prep course in partnership with ATI, a renowned educational resource. Mrs. Bailey personally took the initiative to familiarize herself with the NGN question format and led weekly sessions on the new question styles. 

     During the course, Mrs. Bailey focused on instilling confidence in students, encouraging them to approach each question with a problem-solving mindset rather than viewing it as an intimidating task. Additionally, BTC integrated NGN-style questions into regular tests throughout the program. By gradually increasing exposure to the new format, the faculty ensured students developed the necessary skills and adaptability to succeed on the NGN.  

     Erin Mock, Director of Nursing Education at BTC mentioned that there were two significant changes that she believes were crucial in achieving this milestone.

Mock explains, "The first change is that this is the first cohort to have the new NCLEX prep course, spanning the last eight weeks of their last semester. Mrs. Bailey really went through particulars of the exam, like what to expect, how check in for the exam goes, what content they may see on the exam, and then they did a very intensive review of basically all of the program content with ATI.” Mock goes on to say,  “The second thing that I think was helpful and keeps BTC ahead of the learning curve is that BTC has been seeking out ways to prepare for this change for over two years now. BTC participates in regular meetings and chats with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (the agency that creates the NCLEX), keeping updated on NCLEX changes as they're being decided. We've also adopted a new testing platform where we could easily create case study questions, exposing our students to this style long before they graduated so that it wasn't brand new on the NCLEX." 

     For the nursing faculty at BTC, achieving a 100% pass rate on the NGN was a significant moment. The dedication and perseverance of the nursing students were evident throughout their journey, with the pass rate representing the culmination of their hard work and commitment. Passing the NCLEX not only signifies the official recognition of their qualifications as Registered Nurses but also brings about a sense of relief and accomplishment.  

     Bolivar Technical College’s outstanding achievement of a 100% pass rate on the NGN reflects the remarkable dedication of our nursing students and the supportive environment fostered by the faculty. The transition to the NGN format presented a unique set of challenges, making their accomplishment even more commendable. BTC’s commitment to preparing students for the NGN, instilling confidence, and focusing on comprehensive education has undoubtedly contributed to our graduates’ success. As we celebrate this achievement, BTC looks forward to inspiring future nursing students and continuing to guide competent and compassionate nurses who will excel in their profession.

     We are now accepting applications for the Professional Nursing (RN) program and online RN to BSN Completion program that begins in August 2023. Applications for the January 2024 Practical Nursing (LPN) program and the May 2024 RN Bridge program are also being accepted. If interested in any of the upcoming programs or a tour, contact the college via phone (417-777-5062), email (, or text message (417-771-3543).