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Are your programs accredited?

Yes, we are accredited! Our entire institution is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). This includes our RN to BSN Completion program, Professional Nursing (RN), Practical Nursing (LPN), and Medical Assistant (MA) programs.

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Do you accept the A+ Scholarship?

We do not accept the A+ Scholarship, but we do accept other scholarships, grants, and loans. Just meet with the financial aid office and they will help you find aid.

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How does financial aid work?

First, complete a FAFSA at Make sure that you put our school code (042557) on your FAFSA so we will get your information. Then, set up an appointment with our Financial Aid office to discuss cost of program and the financial aid that may be available for you.

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What programs do you offer?

Our programs include: 

  • Medical Assistant program (option of an 8 month certificate program or a 3 semester Associate’s degree program)
  • Practical Nursing (LPN) program
  • LPN to RN Bridge program
  • Professional Nursing (RN) program
  • RN to BSN Completion Program (100% ONLINE)
  • Nurse Assistant (CNA) course
  • Certified Medication Technician (CMT) course
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What prerequisites do I need for my program?

The Professional Nursing (RN) Bridge program, Professional Nursing (RN) program and RN to BSN Completion program have prerequisites.

The RN Bridge program is for current licensed LPNs. If you are applying for the Bridge program you will need to complete the 21 credit hours BEFORE the program begins. See RN Bridge page for the list of prerequisite classes. 

The RN program requires 8 credit hours to be completed before the application deadline. See RN page for the list of prerequisite classes.

The RN to BSN Completion program is designed for current licensed RNs. If you are applying for the RN to BSN Completion program you need to have the 21 credit hours completed before you apply for the program. See the RN to BSN page for the list of prerequisite classes.

All other programs do not have prerequisites.

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How do gen-eds work?

We offer the general education classes at our campus, which makes it easier for our students. Unlike other schools, our general education classes are part of our program and can be taken during your program. This allows a student to get in and out faster; however, a lot of our students take the general education classes before their program begins, which lightens the full-time course load. Give Admissions a call to see which option might work best for you. 

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Text 417-771-3543 to chat with an Admissions Rep.