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Medical Assistant Recognition Video

We’re working on a project for MA Recognition Week to spread awareness about what an MA does. Please watch this video explaining the project and see how YOU can make it happen.

*Send videos to 417-599-6424 by Monday, Sept. 9th.

**By sending in a video, you give BTC permission to use it on social media and other mediums.

Below are some examples of what to write on your white paper. Feel free to make up your own “I…” statements as well.

Physical statements:  
  • I schedule appointments.
  • I perform EKGs.
  • I do vision screenings.
  • I do hearing tests.
  • I work with insurance.
  • I remove staples and stitches.
  • I call (or fax) prescriptions to pharmacies.
  • I change dressings.
  • I take care of patient registration. 
  • I prepare the patient for the doctor (or nurse practitioner). 
  • I check vital signs.
  • I clean medical instruments.
  • I maintain electronic medical records.
  • I handle the mail that comes in and out of the office.
  • I manage referrals.
  • I check the patient’s height and weight.
  • I assist with X-ray procedures.
  • I do lab procedures.
  • I draw blood.
  • I pack and ship blood samples.
  • I answer phone calls.
  • I give shots.
  • I give patients medication.
  • I maintain patient records.
  • I log a patient’s medical history.
  • I take blood pressure and pulse.
  • I explain tests and procedures to patients.
  • I order office and medical supplies.
  • I order medications.
  • I schedule surgeries.
  • I keep the doctor’s office running smoothly.
  • I assist the provider with office procedures.
  • I smile and greet patients with a positive attitude.

Heartfelt statements:

  • I calm patients when they’re upset.
  • I make a patient feel relaxed.
  • I know my patients on a personal level.
  • I help people feel better.
  • I can turn a patient’s bad day into a good day.
  • I am the first face patients see.
  • I teach patients how to stay healthy.
  • I teach patients how to care for themselves at home.
  • I know my patients by name.
  • I see patients as people, not just patients.
  • I provide emotional support.
  • I help put patients at ease.
  • I build relationships with patients.
  • I take time to listen to my patients.
  • I comfort patients when they’re nervous.
Text 417-771-3543 to chat with an Admissions Rep.