Six Students Make the President’s List for Academic Excellence at BTC

Posted on May 29, 2023


     The grades are in, and the academic achievements of six exceptional students have landed them a prestigious spot on the President’s List at Bolivar Technical College. Michaela Baier of Fair Play, Tiffany Bailey of Rogersville, Amie Engel of Springfield, Angela Horinek of Buffalo, Tiffany Radford of Battlefield and Allison Steward of Grain Valley have all made their mark with outstanding grades.  

     These students represent a diverse range of academic pursuits. Michaela Baier is currently completing general education classes as she works towards starting the RN (Professional Nursing) program in August, while Amie Engel is on track to graduate from the LPN (Practical Nursing) program in December. Tiffany Bailey, Angela Horinek, Tiffany Radford and Allison Steward, all pursuing their BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing), are also set to graduate this year.   

     Their inclusion on the President’s List is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and commitment to academic excellence. These students have consistently gone above and beyond expectations, demonstrating their unwavering drive and passion for their respective fields. 

     Congratulations to Michaela Baier, Tiffany Bailey, Amie Engel, Angela Horinek, Tiffany Radford and Allison Steward for their remarkable accomplishments and well-earned positions on the President’s List!

     As the President’s List recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of these six remarkable students, Bolivar Technical College invites aspiring nurses to embark on their own educational journey. The college offers a diverse range of exciting opportunities, including the Professional Nursing (RN) program, LPN to RN Bridge, Paramedic to RN Bridge, Practical Nursing (LPN) program, online RN to BSN Completion program, and general education classes. With applications currently being accepted, interested individuals can connect with the college through phone (417-777-5062), email (, or text message (417-771-3543) to seize the chance to pursue a successful nursing education at Bolivar Technical College.